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5-Day Sugar Detox Challenge

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Want to start the New Year (and a new decade!) with more energy and vitality than ever!?


Join us for my Sugar Detox Challenge! It’s my FREE 5-day program that will help you reduce the added sugar from your diet. You’ll get a step-by-step action plan and coaching (from ME!) that will help you accelerate your results!


Sugar is so sneaky and a lot of times we’re consuming WAY more than we think. You’ll be amazed at the difference getting rid of added sugars can make in your mood, your energy, and even your waistline!

Most of us eat or drink 3x the recommended amount of sugar each and every day! See – and FEEL! – what a difference it can make to take a break from it.


Don’t miss out. Join now for FREE by clicking HERE

What you will get with the 5-Day Sugar Detox Challenge:

-Immediately after registering, you will receive (via email) the 5-Day Sugar Detox Guide

- Plus, the Sugar Detox Daily Food Journal

- Five Days of Suggested Meals with Recipes

- You will receive DAILY emails from Doctor BeneFIT regarding tips and tricks about sugar.


Let's help you get sugar out of your life for good!  

Don’t miss out. Join now for FREE by clicking HERE

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