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Clean Eating Transition Kit with 27 recipes PLUS TWO FREE BONUSES


Are you ready to transform your life?


Clean eating is the best way to create a lifestyle focused on health and wellbeing.


It nourishes your body and makes you feel good about the decisions you make for your body, on a daily basis.


The problem is that the majority of people do not know where to start with Clean Eating. That's where I come in!


My Clean Eating Transition Kit will help you shed the weight, feel confident again, and most of all learn how to eat clean and nourish your body the way it was always meant to be.


Imagine being able to take back control of your life, feel re-energized, healthy and full of motivation!


My Clean Eating Transition Kit, includes:

- 27 Delicious and easy to prepare meals that are family-friendly (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts)

- Four weeks of meal planning already done for you!

- Shopping/Pantry List




How to Properly Navigate the Grocery Store Guide




Dining Out Survival Guide: This guide includes 10 tips on how to survive eating out without ruining all of your hard work. Plus, three of my favorite ways to de-bloat and reset after a night of messing up and making some unhealthy choices! 


You can get all of this for only $17!!!!


Yes, you read that correctly only $17 for four weeks of recipes with meal planning done for you, a guide to help you navigate the grocery store the healthiest way possible, and a guide to help you survive a night out with the girls (or family) and still make the most nutritious choices!

Clean Eating Recipe Kit + Make Clean Eating Realistic

  • Due to electronic distribution of material, refunds are not provided. 

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