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83% of women are unhappy with their bodies and use restrictive diets to strive for "the perfect body"  

Are you one of them?

"Ottosen offers a dramatically different take on beauty than today's standards."


83% of women are unhappy with their bodies and

use restrictive diets to strive for the "perfect body"

Are you one of them?

"Ottosen offers a dramatically different take on beauty than today's standards."


Welcome! I'm Dr. Danielle Ottosen, Ph.D.


Are you exhausted by all the restrictive diets, endless 

food rules, and never-ending battle with the scale?

I can help!

I've spent nearly 15-years as a psychotherapist who specializes in addiction and body image therapy, as well as nutritional wellness.  

Every day, I help busy, overwhelmed women and moms overcome their obsession with food, the scale, and unhealthy attitudes about their bodies, while giving themselves permission to release all food rules!


These incredible women develop an effortless relationship with food and embrace food freedom through mindful eating. And nourish a new appreciation for the body they have, so they can find peace and let go of the deep-rooted, toxic beliefs of being flawed


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A staggering 83% of women are unhappy with their bodies and use restrictive diets to strive for "the perfect body."  
Are you one of them?

I understand your pain because I have been there.


... you feel it deep inside your heart and soul that it's time to end the battle with the scale.


You're exhausted from the constant yo-yo dieting and you are over all of the food rules.


Most importantly, you are ready to look in the mirror to appreciate the person looking back at you.


It's time... take your life back by waking from the haze of body-image addiction, self-condemnation, and personal destruction- that are often fed by attempting to live up to the impossible standard of beauty portrayed online and in social media.

It's time to walk free from the voices of diet culture. Imagine slamming the door on those addictive voices telling you that you are not enough and it’s all impossible for you.


It's time to embrace that a number on the scale does not equate to your worth, health, and happiness

When things change inside of you, things change around you.


Are you ready to escape the wounds of the past by transitioning into a place of self-respect, acceptance, and ditch ‘diet mentality' for good?


I can help!


Using my proprietary method, called E.P.I.C. we get to the real issues… addiction mindset, subconscious self-sabotage, and poor body image. The E.P.I.C. Method is a self-accountability skill, which allows clients to reveal the root of their problems by recognizing triggering events, perceptions, and feelings regarding food and body image that contribute to self-sabotaging choices and behaviors. 

I not only teach clients my step-by-step method, but I walk with them through their healing journey.

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Dr. Danielle Ottosen, Ph.D.


Certified Holistic Life Coach

Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

Certified Sleep Science Coach

Certified PURSUIT Coach

Holistic Wellness Blogger

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