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20 Healthy Snack Ideas

The key to healthy snacking is to find foods that have as much nutritional value as possible that will fill you up, so you aren’t hungry again a short time later.

For example, a 100-calorie pack of chips or cookies will leave you feeling hungry again a short time later, AND they are not providing you with any nutrients. If you eat a banana and a few almonds, you are eating something nutritious (vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc.) that will fill you up longer (and help you feel better) and help you avoid the sugar crash.

The more “whole foods” (unprocessed or minimally processed) you eat, the better.

Have different snacks during the week to keep it interesting and to increase the different types of nutrients you are getting.

Note: Eating organic is best, but do what your budget and preferences allow.

Here are 20 healthy snack ideas to get you started

1. Almonds, walnuts or cashews (a small palm full is usually a serving)

2. Sunflower seeds and raisins

3. Celery and almond butter (peanut butter or sun butter) 1-2 tbsp

4. Rice chips with hummus

5. Organic Tortilla Chips and salsa or guacamole (for those that just HAVE to have chips) 6. Veggie sticks (celery, carrots, cucumber) and hummus, guacamole, salsa, or nut butter

7. Kale or zucchini chips (make your own) - for recipes visit:

8. Good quality (organic, grass fed) beef jerky

9. Sweet potato chips or fries OR asparagus or green bean fries (make your own)

10. Apple slices with nut butter or sun butter

11. Pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries

12. Greek yogurt with granola (IF you tolerate dairy. Tip: read labels – avoid high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors & sweeteners)

13. Green smoothie or fruit smoothie with ground flax seeds and/or chia seeds

14. Fresh fruit or fruit salad

15. Make your own trail mix with raw nuts seeds and dried fruit

16. Greek yogurt with fresh fruit (for those that tolerate dairy)

17. Dinner leftovers

18. Salad with a variety of vegetables and olive oil-based dressing

19. For an easy on-the-go snack, check out Lara Bars (get the ones without added sugar)

20. Banana and nut butter (or sun butter)

21. BONUS: This one might sound weird, but I LOVE IT...fresh, slightly crunchy purple grapes with nut butter (be careful with grapes, as they are high in calories and natural sugar- make sure to measure 1/2 cup)

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