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Desk Workouts

Just because you are stuck at your desk all day, doesn't mean you can't get in a workout... this is when Desk Workouts come in super handy!

Since most people have very little time or motivation to exercise after work, it is important to learn ways to work out while sitting at a desk. Maintaining a certain amount of physical activity will help increase health and overall well-being. Here is a closer look at ways to exercise from a work desk.

Before beginning the exercises, it is important to make sure that the chair is adjusted properly. This will support the neck and back in a proper manner. The best height will keep feet flat on the floor with knees and hips at right angles. The lower spine should rest flush with the back. If a person works in front of a computer, it is best to keep the monitor above eye level. This will prevent the eyes from becoming strained and the back from leaning forward. These are all protective measures that will prevent injury. Stretching Before any exercise, it is smart to stretch the muscles. This can ease backaches or neck strain. To begin, a person tries to bring the ear to the shoulder and repeat with each side. To stretch the chest, a person can move the arms backwards by bringing the shoulder blades as close as possible. Upper Body Workout It is possible to exercise the upper body without leaving the desk. One exercise called "The Magic Carpet Ride" will work the arms and inner core. As a person sits in the seat, legs are crossed and feet are brought up on the chair. Hands are placed on the armrest and the stomach is sucked in as tight as possible. A person attempts to raise the body using only the hands, arms, and stomach. This position is held for 20 seconds and repeated a few times. Lower Body Workout Besides the upper body, it is also possible to exercise the lower body as well. For example, a person may attempt the "Wooden Leg". As a person is seated behind the desk, one leg is extended, held for a few seconds, and raised as high as possible. This is done by each leg for 15 reps. The above exercises are just a few ways to work out while sitting at work. Some other ways to get physical is to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Get a standing desk. To resist the vending machine, it is wise to store a few healthy snacks in the desk drawer for when hunger strikes. Even when a person is not motivated to work out after being in the office all day, there are ways to perform physical exercise and avoid diet pitfalls while at work.

If you are stuck at a desk all day, what exercises will you commit to doing throughout the day? Comment below.

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