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Infused Water Recipes for Your Cocktails

Now, as a wellness coach, I am not encouraging anyone to consume alcohol. But, I know many people do enjoy an ice cold adult beverage, during the summer months. And the secret to any truly great mixed drink is almost always due to the kind of thing that you’re mixing with your alcohol of choice.

It can be hard to make a healthy choice though when you’re looking for this magical additive. Some people might want to have something that’s a lot lower in sugar than most traditional mixers, so you might have you work cut out for you, but if you were to use infused water for your mixer, you could have the health benefits of the infusion and the flavor.

BONUS...These are delicious infused water recipes, just leave out the alcohol.

Blackberry Sage Gin

Fill a large jar a bit more than half way. Take some sage shoots and place them in the water. Be sure the sage is completely submerged. After that, add some blackberries to the mixture and let it sit in a cool environment for about 3 hours or more. You’ll know it’s essentially finished once you see color in the water. Once it’s finished, you can fill a glass about ⅔ the way full and add one or two shots of your favorite gin. This water also works great with other types of liquor.

Strawberry Lemon Rose Vodka

For this elegant and refreshing drink, you will want to gather a small handful of rose petals, then slice a lemon into wedges. You can either leave the strawberries as is, or you can cut them in half. Once everything is prepped, place them in the water and let it sit for at least 4 hours, but it would be even better if you let it sit overnight. When you come to see it the next day it should have a beautiful color to the water. You can leave the plant material in, or strain it out. Fill your glass ⅔ the way full and add a shot of your favorite vodka, and you will have a memorable and delicious beverage.

Apple Cinnamon Rum

This drink could be considered sort of festive. Cut about 2 apples into very thin slices and place it into the water. Sprinkle in some cinnamon and stir. Let it sit for about 4 hours. Once your infused apple drink is ready, pour some into a cup about ⅔ the way and add a shot of your favorite rum. If you want to add a little more kick to the mix, you can cut up a lime very thin and place that in with the apples.

Please drink responsibly.

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