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Mindless Eating

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Have you discovered any mindless eating triggers of your own?

I know for me, I find myself mindless eating while I am watching T.V. I just keep eating and eating, not even thinking about whether I am hungry or not. I am not being mindful how much food I am consuming or what my body is telling me. My body could be telling me, “Hey, stop eating… you are not hungry, anymore.” However, I may be so fixated on watching T.V. and not being mindful of my body.

When I catch myself snacking or eating while watching T.V., I ask myself, “Am I really hungry?” If I am, fine – I will usually grab an apple and peanut butter or maybe a serving of organic tortilla chips with a little bit of guacamole or organic salsa. I will put the snack on a plate, as a way to portion control and not end up mindless eating an entire bag of tortillas with an entire container of guac or salsa.

Also, have you noticed how stress affects your eating? What do you notice?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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