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Safely Detox Your Body Without Traditional Cleanses

Cleanses can be a powerful way to detox your body, lose weight, and feel healthier. However, it is not necessary to do a typical cleanse of liquid-only diets or green smoothies to achieve results.

Typical cleanses dramatically reduce calories and can leave you feeling hungry. They can also lower your blood sugar and make you feel dizzy, tired and irritated.  An all-liquid or green smoothie diet can leave you without enough protein, fat or fiber. They also lack essential vitamins and minerals.

Even if they do detox your body, it is not easy for you to stick with these cleanses while you work or take care of your family.

Detox Without Cleanses

Thankfully, you can detox without consuming liquid diets or green shakes. Instead of a typical cleanse, you can reduce or eliminate certain foods or drinks. You can also add other foods or drinks to strengthen your health.

These tips can help you detox:

1. Avoid sugar. Eliminating sugar is a key step in detoxing. Sugar can lurk in many foods and drinks, it can hide in bread, cereal, juice, soda, alcoholic drinks, flavored water and many other items. Check your labels!

Cutting sugar also helps your moods! When consuming sugar you almost always get a rush, but you can almost always expect a crash that comes when the sugar enters your blood stream. Remember sugary foods have other negative effects from the sugar crash. Excess sugar is stored in your body and puts you at risk for weight gain, skin reactions, and even diabetes.

2. Add more fruits and vegetables. They can provide you with important vitamins and minerals while helping you feel fuller.


- Cucumbers have high level of water and can cleanse your body.

- Citrus fruits may help you cleanse the liver and remove toxins from your body.

- Garlic has natural antimicrobial properties.

- Broccoli sprouts are also a food full of antioxidants and can help your body detox. You can add them to salads or cook with them.

3. Add more herbs and spices. Herbs and spices have vital minerals and vitamins that are essential for proper health. They can also make your food taste better, so you are less likely to turn to junk food, salty foods, or other unhealthy cravings.

4. Drink more water. Water can naturally remove toxins and keep you hydrated.

5. Switch animal proteins with plant proteins. Plant proteins are healthy and have extra benefits of fiber.

6. Drink green tea. Green tea has antioxidant properties and can help you detox. You can even find green teas without caffeine.

7. Make your own juices and smoothies. You can avoid extra sugar and other unwanted ingredients by making your own drinks. You can add protein and healthy fats to your drinks, too, so your body stays balanced and healthy.

Cleanses are not the only options to detox your body. You have other choices that you can use to detox that are healthier for your body and kinder to your lifestyle and health.

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