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Saving Time with Meal Planning

Meal planning saves a lot of time throughout the week. From not having to rush around the super market thinking about what's for dinner and not having to going to shops every single day to getting an extra 20 minutes sleep in the morning because you prepped your sandwiches. It also means rather than spending time rushing around, you can use this time to get some extra work done, hang out with your family or spend some time focusing on yourself. I've put together a list to show you how you'll really save your time.

Shopping trips made quicker with a list:

By simply writing a list of the meals you are going to have each evening that week and what ingredients you will need will mean you have more time to do fun things with the family rather than running around the shops. Knowing what you need means you can go down the aisles you actually need things from and avoid the ones you don't. Rather than walking down every aisle wondering what you should have for dinner, what you may or may not have in the cupboards will definitely cut down your time in the supermarket.

One trip to the supermarket weekly:

Keeping a meal plan and writing a list of all the ingredients which you will need for the week means you'll only need to shop once. Just make sure you double check your list and the ingredients you'll need before heading off. You may of course have to pop to the local shop for some extra milk or some extra bread if you run out of any spares in your freezer, but this will save a lot more time than going to a big supermarket every night rushing on a decision of what meal to cook for everyone.

Knowing what you're having for dinner means no last minute panics:

Though for some, waking up and knowing what you are having for dinner may seem a little bit of a bore, when you live a busy lifestyle this will be a bliss. Whether you decide to wake up and put all of your ingredients into your slow cooker so your dinner is ready to serve as soon as you walk through the door or if you have a quick, fresh stir fry to whip up it will mean you don't have to go through rush hour traffic (on the roads and the supermarkets) stressing about what to create with leftovers in the aisles. Instead, you'll have a delicious meal that took you a matter of minutes to create.

Having essentials in your cupboard means you'll always have a meal in your cupboards:

If you're at the end of the week or you didn't get the chance to run to the shops when you usually would, having some basic essentials in your cupboards will mean you will always to whip up a quick and easy meal for you and your family to enjoy. Don't be afraid to have frozen vegetables and healthy canned beans etc. These are really quick to cook, great at bulking up meals and still full of healthy benefits. It also means if you have unexpected guests you won't have to rush off to the shops to grab some extra food, you'll be prepared for every situation.

The night before:

If you can prep your food the night before, this will give you some extra time in the morning and throughout the next day. If you fancy an extra few minutes in bed before a long day of meetings or want extra time to make sure the kids have their bags packed and won't be late to their classes, prepping lunches will really help with this. Meal prepping means the 20 minutes you would usually use to make the sandwiches you can now use to eat breakfast together or get yourself a shower. If you don't have kids and you just want to catch some more sleep, making sandwiches the night before and even breakfast (something like over-night oats where you just put all your ingredients in one container) will mean you grab yourself a lie in or extra time getting ready.

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