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SECRET TO SUCCESS...What does your morning routine look like?

If you have listened to interviews with famous people or “successful” people, what is a common interview question… “What does your morning routine (or ritual) look like?”

Right… how many times have you heard this question asked to celebs or successful business people? I hear it all of the time. I even read this question in magazine interviews.

So, why is this question asked so frequently?

Well, the short answer is because society has the belief that, “If I start my day the same way as this celeb (famous person, successful business person, etc.), then I too can become successful.”

There is major fault in this thinking and this question!

It is far more important to ask… What do I believe?

What do I believe about myself?

What do I believe I can achieve or accomplish?

What are my values?

What do I believe about my health/business/wellness?

What do I believe is possible?

How can I service myself, as well as others?

What are my goals?

How am I going to accomplish these things?

Why are these accomplishments important to me?

What you believe determines your behaviors. Your beliefs determine what you will do. Your beliefs are more important, more impactful, and more productive than your actual behavioral routine.

Your beliefs about yourself, your abilities, and your goals are what influence your actions and dictate what you do next. Therefore, we first need to establish our beliefs then our actions will follow.

Your morning routine is influenced by your beliefs, goals, and the answers to your whys. Once you have the answers to what you believe, it is guaranteed you will be more thoughtful… your behaviors and decisions will be more thought-out and you will execute more!

What do you believe is true- personally, professionally, financially, and/or spiritually?

What are your desired outcomes?

What does your desired personal growth look like?

What do you say to yourself? I am ___________ ...

This is a declaration of who you are, at your core. These declarations and core beliefs about yourself form what you believe about yourself. And what you believe about yourself will be reflected in your actions, decision, behaviors, and success.

Human beings have tens of thousands of thoughts per day. It is believed that over half of these thoughts are negative! SAY WHAT?! These constant negative thoughts are going to hold you back from creating a better, more successful, more enjoyable life.

Why do we continue to foster these negative thoughts, why do we continue to allow these negative beliefs to hold us back from a more productive life?

We must mitigate these negative beliefs by reframing them into positive, productive beliefs. It is up to you to empower, re-power, and change your beliefs to be intent driven.

What do you say to yourself every day? How do you approach your day?

When you say to others that you woke up in a bad mood today, you are only reinforcing negativity in your day and your life. When you tell people you are in a bad mood, does that make you feel better? Does that motivate you? Or does it reinforce negativity…does it make you more mad, upset, sad, frustrated, or disappointed, in yourself?

If we do not have a reason why we do what we do, we will fall into a menial, pointless, monotonous routine…wake-up (just in time to) shower, brush teeth, get dressed, grab coffee, and run out the door to work.

If you first determine your beliefs and your whys, your morning routine will reflect those beliefs. For example, my beliefs and goals are to energize myself every morning without a stimulant and to take care of myself- mind, body, and soul. Therefore, I wake up 60-90 minutes earlier than I actually have to and I strap on my gym shoes. I get in a workout, first thing in the morning. This supports my goal of daily physical activity, as well as it gives me energy without caffeine, first thing in the morning. This is also a time of self-care, self-reflection, and me time. You can see how my morning routine is dictated by my beliefs and goals; rather than my morning routine dictating my successes.

Morning rituals of success:

1- Physical activity (stretching counts)

2- Nourish your body (green smoothie, protein smoothie, smoothie bowl, chia seed bowl, overnight oats, etc.)

3- Spend a little time with loved ones (This includes pets)

4- Learn something new (Read an article, listen to a podcast or audio book while getting ready or on your commute)

If you do not master the first three hours of your day, you likely will not master the last five hours, either.

What are your beliefs about yourself, your abilities, and your accomplishments? Please share in the comment section below.

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