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Why a healthy life is not just about diet and exercise

A person might have the healthiest diet in the world and exercise regularly…yet if other areas of their life are out of balance, he or she is definitely not going to be or feel their best. They are likely to even feel a bit lost. When we are not being fulfilled in an area of our life, the void is all too frequently filled by food.

There are 12 different areas that comprise a healthy and fulfilling life from a holistic perspective. A healthy diet and active lifestyle are extremely important to our well-being, but so are things like relationships, spirituality, purpose and career satisfaction.

We all want loving relationships, meaningful work, optimal health, laughter, joy, adventure, fun and purpose.

When we can focus on what truly makes us happy and fulfills us, and we are doing what we love to do most of the time, everything else seems to fall into place much easier.

What is it that feeds YOU? What do you love doing? When are you the most: happy, energized, balanced, at peace, joyful, fulfilled, etc.?

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